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Designer Direct Program
HFC Designer now offers a program for industry resellers that do not meet the qualifications to open an account with wholesale manufacturers. This program requires a simple registration with no minimum annual sales requirements. Here is how it works:

Qualified Participants

  • You must be a reseller to the industry physically located within the State of California and State of Nevada north of the bottom line of Fresno County to the Oregon border.
  • Delivery Options

  • Products may be delivered in the state of California north of the southern border of Fresno County line to the Oregon border. In Nevada, North of Mammoth Lake on Hyway 395 to the border of Oregon, Utah and Idaho.
  • Deliveries are available anywhere else in the lower 48 states with a $25 per PO (shipment) charge.
  • Sales Material

  • Hooker Furniture offers sales aides with charge on wood samples at $5 each, while all fabric samples are at no charge.
  • Bradington-Young can send you a swatch to confirm your selection from the digital leather selection. Wood samples, and nail selection are shown digitally.
  • Sam Moore shows fabrics digitally and once your selection is made, a swatch may be sent to you to confirm your selection. Wood samples are digital but a sample can be sent once selected. More than one sample comes with charges.
  • Price Lists & Catalogs

  • Registered participants can download price lists, digital catalogs and more from this site.
  • Designer Pricing

  • Designer Direct prices are calculated from the Retail price lists. The formula is Retail price, less 50%, less 15%.
  • Product Availability

  • Sam Moore and Bradington Young lead time is 6-8 weeks. Fabric or leather shortages will increase lead times. Freight lead times are 10-14 days.
  • Order Process

  • All purchase orders must be emailed to: ...or the fax 530-272-5115. An invoice (includes freight) will be emailed to you. This is what you use for payment.
  • Payment

  • All Purchase orders must be paid in full (including freight) before they are sent to the manufacturer. These orders are paid in full at the time they are submitted to the manufacturer and can not offer any kind of extended terms. Acceptable methods of payment are checks or credit or debt cards are accepted.
  • Refunds & Cancellations

  • Once the order is in process by the manufacturer, in can not be changed or canceled. There are no refunds allowed once an order is in process with the manufacturer.
  • Freight

  • Freight from the east coast to Northern California is currently 14% includes fuel surcharge). Because HFC consigns the freight, we will choose the carrier. There are no other freight options. Freight charges are subject to change at any time.
  • Specific Questions

  • The answers to more specific questions may be found in the FAQ section of this web site. If you can not find answers to your questions here, please contact ua at .